It all begins with our growers. 

Floriza Orgánicos


Fernando, Javier &
Delia F. González
Espinosa de los Monteros

Culiacan, Sinaloa

Organic Bell Peppers
Cucumbers & Eggplant

Floriza Orgánicos was established 12 years ago, but the Floriza family has been farming since the 1940’s. The generations of technical know-how really shows in the superior quality of their produce. They are currently farming a wide variety of organic, shade house row crops just outside of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

At the heart of Floriza Orgánicos is a healthy and vibrant community. In the Mexican countryside many community members have been migrating to the major cities, losing their connection to the land and the farming way of life. The land that has been left behind has often been abandoned or sold, overused and polluted with pesticides: the workers in rural areas struggle to support their families.

To counter this unfortunate trend, Floriza Orgánicos has applied the same philosophy of the organic growing method to re-building a vibrant community. By recognizing and nurturing their inter-dependence, promoting health and investing for the long-term benefit of all stake holders, Floriza Orgánicos yearns to build a true ‘common wealth.’ The ‘us versus them’ mentality does not exist here.

At the center of this community are the family and friends of Fernando, Javier and Delia F. González Espinosa de los Monteros. With 22 hectares of organic farmland and a drive to transform their land and community though an “uninterrupted dialogue with the earth”, they are gradually rebuilding a community and a land that has been through many struggles.

They understand that organic farming takes more patience, diligence and creative thinking to yield beautiful and bountiful crops. Organic farming is not an easy road to travel, but owing to the educated consumer choosing to vote with their purchases, a more benevolent form of farming and a more compassionate business model has emerged.

Bridges is excited to continue our alliance with Floriza Orgánicos in the years to come not only because of their high quality organic vegetables, but because of their dedication to sustainability, their workers, and the health of all communities.