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Fruit d'Or / Patience Fruit & Co.

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Quebec, Canada

Organic Fresh

Fruit d’Or is North America’s #1 organic cranberry brand.  They harvest and ship fresh organic cranberries between October and December and can provide dried cranberries, wild blueberries and tart cherries all year. The relationship between Fruit d’Or and Bridges Produce began over fourteen years ago and has evolved as our companies and the organic market has grown. It is this long term relationship and Fruit d’Or’s superior quality fruit that makes Bridges so pleased to be their exclusive US sales representative for fresh cranberries. 

Fourteen years ago, Fruit d’Or started out as the “Tree Kids” brand. This brand name developed when the original founders Martin, Sylvain and Mario were gathered around the kitchen table, heads together, excitedly building their business plan. One of their wives looked at them and said, “you really look like three kids plotting together!’’

She then created their first logo, which she drew herself. Since the beginning, “Tree Kids”, now Fruit d’Or, has always focused on innovation and research to produce the best fresh and dried fruit. This drive continues to make them leaders in the industry. 

Their facilities are located in Notre-Dame de Lourdes in the province of Quebec. The bogs where their premium cranberries are grown are just steps away. Over the last 20 years, Quebec has become the fastest growing production area for cranberries as it offers ideal growing conditions and excellent sandy, acidic soil on which cranberries grow.

Fruit d’Or cranberry growers nurture honeybees for their vital role in flower pollination. They have on average two hives per acre, with each hive housing 40,000 bees. Each spring the cranberry plants will produce approximately 4.05 million blooms per acre, meaning each bee will need to visit 500 flowers within a three-week period to ensure proper pollination.

Their cranberry bogs are mainly designed to work on a closed water circuit. This means that the farms capture rainwater and melted snow and direct it to a drainage basin through ditches and an underground drainage system. These drainage ditches hold all the water necessary for irrigating and flooding the bogs during the fall harvest.

The first stage of harvest consists of flooding the bogs to create a layer of water about eight inches deep. A combine harvester is then used to comb the fruit from the shrubs.

Several more inches of water are then added so that the cranberries become completely detached from the branches and float up to the surface. This is when growers start gathering the cranberries before moving the water into the next field, to be harvested in turn. This approach enables water to be recycled and allows them to use the reservoir water most effectively.  

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