It all begins with our growers. 

Holtzinger Fruit


Adolfo Alvarez

Yakima, WA

Organic Apples
Pears & Cherries

Adolfo Alvarez started his career with very little, except his willingness to work hard and a desire to learn everything he could. In 1998, after many years of working for other farmers, he decided it was time to buy his own 80-acre farm in Prosser, Washington.

Making use of his years of experience, he quickly began to make improvements to the farm. He immediately made the transition to organic and he dramatically improved the efficiency of his irrigation system by converting to micro-sprinklers with help from the Natural Resource Conservation Service. 

It was the way the orchard responded to the organic method that assured Adolfo that he had made the right decision. Adolfo is now the owner of approximately 200 acres of organic apples, pears and cherries. 


He works tirelessly to expand and improve his orchard, continually grafting new varieties to improve his quality and yield. Adolfo says, "I guarantee that one you taste my fruit, you'll never taste anything better."

Protecting and improving the land and soil is the centerpiece of Adolfo's farming philosophy. He has a deep-seated desire to leave the land in better condition for the next generation. You can't talk to Adolfo for long without him coming back to his fundamental purpose, "It's for the kids. "

His concern for the health, safety and welfare of not just his own children, but for the farmworkers' children and all the children of the community, is what inspired him to do his utmost to improve the environment and the quality of our food supply with an abundance of delicious and healthy produce.