It all begins with our growers. 

Patagonia Organics


An Alliance of
Organic Growers

Rio Negro Valley

Organic Apples
& Pears

Bridges Produce partners with Patagonia Organics to provide the technical, horticultural and logistical assistance needed to ensure the best quality organic produce - from the tree in South America to the retail shelf in North America.

Patagonia Organics has steadily grown with the organic produce trade over the last 15 years by continually providing excellent quality, reliability, customer service and strong relationships. They are a valuable partner because of their understanding of the dynamics of the market, as well as the challenges of organic farming, international export/import logistics and food safety regulations.

Patagonia Organics began in Germany working with a group of Argentine growers to manage the logistics of packing and exporting their fruit to Europe. After several years they decided it would be best to return to their Argentine home to be closer to their network of growers. Today Patagonia's grower partners collectively farm nearly 1000 hectares of certified apple and pear orchards.  Bridges and Patagonia Organics are working together to contribute to the economic vitality of the agricultural community of the Rio Negro Valley. 

Patagonia Organics’ fruit is grown in one of the most exceptional regions for growing organic apples and pears, the Rio Negro Valley in Argentina. This high valley is a 75-mile long river oasis supplied with fresh water from the snow melt of the nearby Andes Mountains. While the river supplies ample water for irrigation, the climate is very dry with an annual rainfall of only 7.5 inches. This dry climate and the high mesas on both sides of the valley provide such good protection from insect pressure that the area has been recognized by the USDA as a Fruit Fly Free Zone.

Working together as a team, Bridges and Patagonia are able to supply ample quantities of quality organic apples and pears during the import season from February through July. Some of the pear varieties we import from Argentina are Bartlett, Red Bartlet, Autumn Bartlet, D'Anjou, Abate Fetel and Golden Russet Bosc, along with Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Braeburn and Granny Smith apples. The Bridges Sales and Marketing team is happy to assist you in building year round customer service programs providing the highest quality produce throughout the domestic and import seasons. Learn more at