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Wong Potatoes


Dan Chin
Wong Potatoes

Klamath Basin


Wong Potatoes is a family owned and run business that has been growing, packing and shipping organic potatoes since 1930. Wong Potatoes grows red, russet, and Yukon gold potatoes as well as six specialty fingerling varieties. 

There are a number of reasons that the organic potatoes from Wong Potatoes are some of the best potatoes available anywhere. The light sandy soils of the Klamath Basin enriched with compost and natural fertilizers makes for some of the best ground for growing organic potatoes. Also, the high elevation, 4100’ above sea level, makes for warm days and cool nights — the ideal climate. This elevation is largely devoid of pest and disease pressure that plague many other potato growing areas.

Dan Chin prioritizes the protection of the Klamath Basin and therefore looks for sustainable alternatives whenever possible including powering the facilities, sustainable packaging and supporting wildlife. Wong Potatoes has 6 separate solar panel arrays across the farm. Five of the solar panel arrays run field water pumps and their monitoring systems while the sixth and largest is used to power their largest and newest potato storage cellar.  The solar arrays are producing enough energy to reduce the farms energy consumption by more than 60 percent. They are finding that some of the arrays are beginning to produce power that exceeds their needs resulting in a power surplus.

Wong Potatoes has also invested in special equipment that allows them to pack into 100% recyclable paper bags instead of the typical poly potato bags. They worked to create these paper bags for their 1.5 lb. and 5 lb. bags of potatoes. The paper bags were designed to provide ideal storage conditions for the potatoes and as an educational tool highlighting nutrition facts, recipes and information about the growing region. 

Wong Potatoes has also been a longtime supporter of the Walking Wetlands Program, a program that was developed in conjunction with US Fish and Wildlife. Wong Potatoes floods certain fields for between 1 and 3 years in order to create wetlands. This has been beneficial in creating habitat for the millions of waterfowl that migrate through the area, helps dramatically reduce weeds and harmful nematodes in the soil, and provides fertilizer.

Hard work, innovation and dedication to the Klamath Basin and its environment are values that have been passed through the generations at Wong Potatoes and this is reflected in every box of organic potatoes. Learn more at