More than food. It's produce with heart. 

Organically grown, ethically traded, consistently sourced, and naturally delicious.

We believe organic agriculture is a vital way to nurture the health of our families and the environment we all share. Our aim is to enable every stakeholder in the system to thrive: growers, farm workers, retailers, distributors, consumers, and the environment. As a distributor, we ensure our own success by prioritizing long-term relationships over short-term gains, consistently sourcing the highest quality organic produce, and treating our growers, customers and staff with respect. Our work is guided by this set of core principles. In addition, we partner with organizations such as Fair Trade USA and the Sustainable Food Trade Association to promote environmental responsibility, sustainable communities, and the organic produce trade. That’s produce with heart, and that’s what Bridges is all about.

Solid supply and selection. 

Diverse farm base, efficient logistics, and expert service.

Planning, predictability and smart, responsive service are key components of a successful organic program. We are proud to offer a wide selection of fruits and vegetables from a diverse group of certified organic farms located in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Mexico, and the Southern Hemisphere. Our organic expertise, flexible logistics, and great quality produce keep customers coming back from season to season. We’re committed to honesty, transparency and excellent service, and would love to work with you to help build your organic program.

Farm-focused. Organic experts. 

Industry expertise, strategic marketing, open and honest communication - we are your organic partner.

Bridges Organic Produce was founded in 2002 by Ben Johnson, with the goal of helping mid-sized organic growers maximize their potential in the marketplace. With over 150 years combined experience in the organic produce market, the Bridges team utilizes our depth of experience to promote the family farm and ensure their success at market. It is our belief that knowledge is power. By communicating honestly and respectfully with both growers and buyers, we build a stronger and more equitable business model that allows all stakeholders to make informed decisions and wise investments to further the organic trade. Interdependence and mutual success are central to our approach, as is the recognition that the family farm is where it all begins.