Meet Our Grower Partner

RD8 Fresh Produce

Bridges Produce partners with RD8 Fresh Produce to import New Zealand-grown organic apples from Central Organics and Green Planet Limited. Central Organics is located in Ettrick on the southern island while Green Planet is located in the coastal region of Napier on New Zealand’s north island.

Craig Hall from RD8 coined the term "Pure Source" to describe the pure, unspoiled environment in which the fruit is grown. Fresh water and fertile soil leads to outstanding tree health and delectable tree fruit.

Pure Source speaks both to a combination of the clean, green image for which New Zealand is so famous for, as well as the country’s unique climate and geography.

During the months of June, July and August, RD8 supplies beautiful apples to the North American market. Two signature varieties include the New Zealand Rose and the New Zealand Queen which are both known for their stunning pink/red coloration and delicious tart-sweet balance. Learn more at

Organic Apples