Meet Our Grower Partner

Patience Fruit & Co.

Patience Fruit & Co. harvest and ship fresh organic cranberries between October and December and dried fruit all year. The growers behind Patience Fruit & Co.  are dedicated to innovation and research that leads to the production of the highest quality fresh and dried fruit. This drive continues to make them leaders in the industry.

Patience Fruit & Co.’s cranberry growers nurture honeybees for their vital role in flower pollination. They have on average two hives per acre, with each hive housing 40,000 bees. Each spring the cranberry plants will produce approximately 4.05 million blooms per acre, meaning each bee will need to visit 500 flowers within a three-week period to ensure proper pollination.

Their cranberry bogs are designed to work on a closed water circuit. This means that the farms capture rainwater and melted snow and direct it to a drainage basin through ditches and an underground drainage system. These drainage ditches hold all the water necessary for irrigating and flooding the bogs during the fall harvest.

The relationship between Patience Fruit & Co. and Bridges Produce began over eighteen years ago and has evolved as our companies and the organic market has grown. It is this long-term relationship and Patience Fruit & Co.’s superior quality fruit that makes Bridges so pleased to be their exclusive US sales representative for fresh cranberries. Learn more at