Meet Our Grower Partners

Andersen Organics

Andersen Organics was established by Brian and Denise Andersen in 1984. Their 500+ acre family farm is located in the heart of the sunny Columbia Basin near Othello, WA.

The Andersen family has always had a deep connection to the land on which they farm and this ultimately led them to become certified organic in 2003. Since this time, they have become experts on using composted manures to create fertile, healthy soil. This composted manure is applied months before planting so that when it comes time to plant, their crops have access to vital nutrients from day one.

Andersen Organics also utilizes drip tape irrigation within their fields. While this method is much more laborious and time consuming, it is an important tool in facilitating the conservation of water and producing superior quality produce.

Knowing that Bridges Produce and the Andersen family share the same core values of protecting natural resource and providing high quality organic produce make this a spectacular partnership.

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Twin River Produce

Twin River Produce is run by father and son team Paul and Ben Escoe, who grow and source berries from farms in Oregon, Washington, California, Mexico, and South America.

The Escoes began growing organic blueberries in 2004. In 2012, they added supply from Argentina to keep up with the blueberry demand throughout the winter months. The name Twin River Produce was born in 2015 when a new partnership with two Washington blueberry farms gave them access to a larger growing region and the ability to meet the needs of more customers.

During the winter of 2016-17, Twin River Produce expanded their offerings by supplying blueberries and raspberries from a new partner in the central highlands of Mexico.

The Escoe family is dedicated to working with family farms domestically and abroad who care about their land, fruit and community. Their partner farms are passionate about utilizing farming practices that add, rather than deplete, nutrients to the soil. Twin River Produce in conjunction with their partner farms are also dedicated to funding social development projects for the workers and their communities. 

We are pleased to be able to represent Twin River’s berries not only because of their premium fruit, but because of their dedication to sustainable growing practices and the respect they have for all individuals, from the farmworkers to the end consumer. Learn more at

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Apple & Stone Fruit Growers

Bridges Produce works with organic tree fruit orchards throughout central Washington to supply organic apples and stone fruit. Washington produces approximately 58% of the apples and around 60% of the sweet cherries grown in the United States annually.

By working with numerous orchards, we can offer our customers extended availability and a multitude of apples from specialty varieties, to classic family favorites. Supplying apples and pears from this region extends our season to nearly year-round supply. This region also offers a wide range of stone fruit including cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots during the summer months.

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Apples / Stone Fruit