Meet Our Grower Partners

Columbia Gorge Organics

Columbia Gorge Organic is an honest-to-goodness family farm. In 1975 the Stewart family left the dry-cleaning business to begin farming 95 acres in the beautiful Hood River valley.

In 1989 they bet everything they had on the belief that there was a better way to grow fruit, and transitioned their farm to organic.

At that time, many of the methods and materials for growing organic tree fruit did not exist but through their bold pioneering effort, they helped develop some of the techniques that are now used in organic orchards throughout the world.

They now grow more than 60 varieties of fruit on 175 acres and make fresh organic juices right on site. They are well known for growing specialty apple and pear varieties including Liberty, Orin, Zestar! and Enterprise apples and Orca, Mortini and Asian pears.

The Stewart family does everything themselves: they grow their own fruit, pack it for the fresh market, and squeeze, press, or puree the less than perfect fruit to make premium refrigerated juices. From the left-over juice pulp, they make approximately 2000 tons of compost every year to feed the soil in their orchard. Learn more at

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Diamond Fruit Growers

Bridges Produce partners with five organic pear orchards in the Hood River and Parkdale, Oregon area. The organic pears from these orchards are consolidated and packed at Diamond Fruit in Hood River. Packing in one central location allows us to represent these amazing small family farms while providing our customers high quality and professionally packed fruit in once central location. Starkrimson, Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Comice, D'Anjou, Red D'Anjou and Bosc pears are all packed under the Bridges Produce label. 

Diamond Fruit is a farmer owned cooperative that was founded in 1913 with the mission of putting the growers first and ensuring the continued viability of agriculture in the Hood River Valley.

Now over a hundred years later they are still fulfilling this mission as well as providing their customers with the high quality fruit they have grown to expect generation after generation. Learn more at

Organic Pears