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Rico Farms

Francisco Tapia, Sr. started farming in Hermosillo, Mexico at Campo San Luis over 30 years ago. He began experimenting with using garlic as a repellent, seaweed as a fertilizer, and vinegar as an herbicide, and quickly knew that he could produce better crops using organic methods.

Both Francisco Tapia, Sr. and Junior are trained as engineers, and utilize these skills to build highly efficient and productive organic farms, in Hermosillo and Sinaloa, Mexico. On their farm in Hermosillo, they manage approximately 4,000 acres of land, but most of that area is left in its natural state. This nature preserve is vital to the farm because it provides a buffer zone from the pests and diseases that might spread from other farms, acts as a sanctuary for wildlife, and serves as a large watershed to replenish the two deep wells. 

They are consistently working on technological innovations and infrastructure. An on-site lab to test water, soil, compost, plants and consumer ready produce was recently completed and they are in the process of building a bio-factory. This bio-factory will produce more than 120 different organic products including bio-fertilizers, beneficial fungi and earthworm hummus. 

The Tapia family care deeply for the welfare of their workers which inspired them to become a Fair Trade Certified Producer in 2013. In addition to projects completed using Fair Trade Funds the Tapia Family is also constantly investing in their workers. Rico Farms has implemented a fast track program which teaches reading and writing. Employees who were not able to complete their education are enrolling in classes and working with tutors, to graduate from elementary and junior high school. Rico Farms also funds healthcare with a full-time nurse on the farm every day and a doctor on site 3 days a week. 

The dedication the Tapia family has for their produce, land, workers, and environment is apparent in everything they do, and in their constant pursuit for excellence.Learn more at

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