Meet Our Grower Partners

Cal-Ore Produce

Cal-Ore Produce was founded in 1976 by a small group of family farmers in the Klamath Basin. There are currently 5 different farms growing organic potatoes for Cal-Ore Produce. 

These farms are Staunton Farms, Crawford Farms, Panhandle West (Jim and Jake Baley), Bob Baley Farms, and Lynman Farms. Most of these farms have been passed from generation to generation, including Staunton and Crawford, which are both fourth generation farms.

Many of the Cal-Ore growers are involved in a program called Walking Wetlands. Historically, the Klamath Basin has been a massive wetland and vital habitat for migrating birds. This project incorporates a wetland period in the crop rotation cycle.

The program works by intentionally flooding 75-100 acre block of land for periods of 1-3 years, then moving the water to a new parcel and using the previously flooded land for agriculture. Since the start of this program there has been an increase of 50-75% in the waterfowl population and they have seen better water quality in the Klamath Basin and downstream. The wetlands have also benefited the farms by improving soil conditions, providng natural fertilizer, and suppressing weeds and pests.

Each potato coming from Cal-Ore produce begins its journey on one of these family farms where not only are the potatoes a priority, but also the environment of the Klamath Basin. Learn more at

Organic Potatoes

Wong Potatoes

Wong Potatoes is a family owned and run business that has been growing, packing, and shipping potatoes since 1930. Wong Potatoes grows organic Red, Russet, and Yukon Gold potatoes as well as six specialty fingerling varieties. They prioritize the protection of the Klamath Basin and look for sustainable alternatives whenever possible. Wong Potatoes has six separate solar panel arrays across the farm. Five of the solar panel arrays run field water pumps and their monitoring systems, while the sixth and largest is used to power their new, spacious potato storage cellar.

The solar arrays are producing enough energy to reduce the farms energy consumption by more than 60 percent. Wong Potatoes has also been a longtime supporter of the Walking Wetlands program.

Hard work, innovation and dedication to the Klamath Basin and its environment are values that have been passed through the generations at Wong Potatoes, and this is reflected in every box of organic potatoes. Learn more at

Organic Potatoes