Meet Our Grower Partner

Floriza en Los Parajes

Floriza en Los Parajes was established in 2002, but the Floriza family has been farming since the 1940s. From their generations of experience they acknowledge that organic farming takes more patience, diligence, and creative thinking to yield beautiful and bountiful crops. Floriza is fully dedicated to this compassionate business model.

In recent years, individuals and families have been leaving the Mexican countryside in favor of city life, leaving the land and communities in a precarious position. The land that has been left behind has often been overused and polluted, and the workers in rural areas struggle to support their families.

To counter this unfortunate trend, Floriza en los Parajes has applied the same philosophical principles of the organic growing method to rebuilding a vibrant community - nurturing the land, building a resilient workforce, promoting health and investing in long term results over short term gains. To further this commitment Floriza en Los Parajes became  Fair Trade USA certified in October of 2017.

Bridges is excited to continue our alliance with Floriza en Los Parajes in years to come, not only because of their high quality organic vegetables, but because of their dedication to sustainability, their workers, and the health of their community.

  — All Organic —

Cucumbers   /   Eggplant   /   Peppers